Thursday, March 6, 2008

Classical Education Teaching Method and Curriculum Ideas

I thought that a good beginning post to the Three R's Academy would be to explore some of the teaching styles that are available to homeschoolers everywhere. As I started listing them, I thought, "I'd like to see more information on them in one place, as well". That is where this got long.

So I'm going to do a series on teaching styles. Today I'll be focusing on Classical Education.

Classical Education is completed in three phases.

Primary Education
Secondary Education
Tertiairy Education

Primary covers grammer, logic, and rhetoric. It is also called the trivium.

Grammer studies language skills, reading and writing. This is geared towared elementary school age children.

Logic is reasoning. More to the ability to do so. It is normally taught when when a child is in middle school.

Rhetoric would be to debate and create compositions.

Secondary Education is called the quadrivium. Astronomy, arithmetic, music and geometry is learned at this time.

Tertiary education was taught by someone in the profession that one was interested in. One learned by hands on usually doing all of the masters business.

For some ideas for applying classical education to your homeschooling experience, try this site.

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