Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Homeschool Math and Language Arts

I'm not certain if homeschooling my boys will work out. I'm not sure if I can respect my children's learning differences. I'm not sure if my children can respect my eagerness to teach them as well as learn with them. I'm not sure if I can encourage my children to try a little harder to see how far they can go for a challenge, or force them to do just a little bit more because I expect they should be able to.

I am certain that my oldest son is overwhelmed in school now. I am certain that we did fine before he went into preschool. I am certain that his interests are not allowed to thrive in school, now. I am certain that what we are doing now is not working, but harming our family. I am certain that each night when we work on just a little bit of work to strive for the bigger picture, it is a struggle. A struggle that is putting strain on his emotional well being.

I have a list of websites in which I have found free curriculum or studies. I believe that is a great start when it comes to my homeschooling experience. But this is only a start. Maybe I am trying to fail in the way I am going about this. But I think that it will work.

Free curriculum is a good way to start, but it is only a start. I know that if this works in a way that is beneficial for my boys, I will have to purchase some curriculum. Although I won't be doing that around early August of this year. I think that a good start for a purchase would be math and language arts. We do have plenty of historical content available in the library and we can coordinate reading and spelling for now.

I am always up to hearing your comments and I do appreciate your ideas.

My oldest has had difficulty in the past and still uses his fingers when it comes to some addition and most subtraction. When the school was using counters he was able to come to an answer fairly easy and I would freely let him use an abacus (although he hasn't used it yet) to help out. Without a lot of research I'm thinking that a Math U See would be a nice start, but I expect that he would fly right though it as well.

I think that both my son and I would benefit from a good simple language arts study. I've always assumed that I could complete a thought or sentence in decent form. I've always noticed that I, on occasion, begin a sentence with 'But' and that I shouldn't, although I have lessened that a lot. I've always believed that I followed a good train of thought when typing a paragraph. But... If you ask me to dissect a sentence into subject/predicate, nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives, I just cannot do it. I never could. So this would have to be something I can follow with him and learn along side him.

So I am up for any ideas. Please feel free to chime in, at any time, even if this post is three months old.